Chris Owens of the AlabamaCrimson Tide becomes one of the latest members of the Alabama football program to speak out on why the players should be allowed to chase their dreams this fall.

Alabama football fans and people all across the nation have seen Coach Saban and his staff support our student-athletes and their collective desires to play college football this fall. We’ve heard from Najee Harris, Alex Leatherwood, and many others. Here’s what Chris Owens had to say about failed leadership and wanting to play football in the fall of 2020.

“I’ll never be one to make some generic, blanket statement. Never in my life and I will stand on what I believe. I believe as a student-athlete, the leadership has failed us on the side of not having a baseline plan in place for us players to work with. No, I do not expect things to be fully resolved and I understand how hard these decisions are to make. We knew this would be difficult in the fall way back in March and for us not have something to work with in mid August is unacceptable. The fact that the players (18-22 year old young men) have to call out the leadership in the college football world for guidance at this point is unreal quite frankly. This is deeper than just safety concerns at this point. The safety concerns were known in March. We don’t deserve to have the game we love taken away from us because of failed leadership. Give us the guidance we need and find a way to make this work. If it can’t work then we can address that if it happens. But, too many of us have put too many hours in through a summer of uncertainty for us to have inconsistencies right now. The University of Alabama has done a tremendous job handling this situation and I trust and believe they will continue to do the same through a season. But we need guidance and a way to make this work for everyone involved.”

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Ricky L. Green is the lead recruiting analyst for Team Tide Talk. Follow him on Twitter @BamaRLG. Always feel free to reach out with questions and comments. Roll Tide.

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