Alabama football and the rest of the SEC are poised to begin the 2020 season, and here are my five bold predictions for 2020-21.

For my first article on TTS, I present to you something we’ve discussed behind the scenes and on our Alabama football podcast. Here are my five bold predictions for the upcoming season.  Five will be the least likely to happen, and one will be the most likely to happen in my journalistic opinion.

5) Alabama has three players in the Heisman hunt, with two making the final cut.

This scenario is a long shot, that’s why i’m listing it at 5. However, the possibility is there. With several Power 5 Conferences already stating they will not play football this fall, several Heisman favorites are already out of contention. It’s a long shot. However it “could” happen.

4) Three SEC teams make the College Football Playoff.

Yes. If this happens the college football world would lose it’s marbles, and I am perfectly fine with that. However, this is another scenario that could potentially happen. This college football season will be filled with plenty of twists and turns and unless the other conferences (besides SEC, BIG12, and ACC) decide to actually play instead of sitting this season out, who else besides Clemson can you see making it to the Final 4? Nobody. It’s a long shot, and yes the SEC will beat the hell out of each other, but I can see three SEC teams making the playoffs this year.

3) Florida finally beats Georgia to win the SEC East.

Dan Mullins has no doubt transformed Florida back into a team with national prominence much like they were during the Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer years. But, he has yet to have been able to beat Kirby Smart and his Georgia Bulldogs to claim the Eastern Division. With many questions surrounding Georgia’s offensive line( three starters graduated or left early for the NFL) this is Dan Mullins best time to win the East. Also, there have been reports out of Georgia that the injury bug has bitten the Dawgs this off-season. Call it “The Scott Cochran Effect.”

2) Alabama beats a nine-win Auburn team(handedly).

One of the biggest things I hear from my Barner brother-in-law is how “Nick Saban can not beat an Auburn team that’s won nine games.” This year however, there’s something different about this Alabama team. I think Alabama beats AU by three touchdowns in Bryant Denny Stadium this fall.


This speaks for itself. As I mentioned before, there’s a different feeling about this year’s Crimson Tide. No team is going to be able to stop them in my opinion. The sting of the National Championship game a few years ago is still fresh on the players’ minds, and the disappointing finish to last year still hurts as well. Saban went and upgraded his strength & conditioning staff by letting go of long-time assistant Scott Cochran. He brought in David Ballou & Matt Rhea, who went to work right away. As you can already tell with some of the videos Matt Rhea has posted on Twitter and Instagram, the dynamic duo has already done wonders for the players. The players know what this season means to them, and the “Process” continues.

Jake Thomas is the VPO for Tide Talk Sports and a contributor for all things athletics related at The University of Alabama. Follow him on Twitter @jakethomastide.

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