Roll Tide! Alabama football fans, the season is finally upon us and our beloved Alabama Crimson Tide will take the field Saturday against the Missouri Tigers. In a year of constant change (Covid-19, schedules, transfers etc..), we are still trying to seek continuity and, boy, do we have it here! Alabama returns four out of the five starters on the Offensive Line led by Alex Leatherwood and Landon Dickerson, both considered to be first round picks according to various mock drafts. However, facing directly in front of Bama’s O-Line is a seasoned group for Mizzou ready to make a name for themselves.

Ricky Green of Team Tide Talk shares his thoughts on Alabama vs Missouri ahead of the Tide’s season opener.

Mizzou returns three starters on the Defensive Line: Akial Byers, Kobie Whiteside and Chris Turner. Also returning is talented pass rusher, Tre Williams. Whiteside is the leader and will be a force in the middle of a good – but not deep – D-Line group. He is quick off the ball and is able to effectively use his hands to create pressure and cause havoc for opposing O-linemen. Byers and Turner are not as talented as Whiteside, but after watching their film, it is clear they both are able to handle gap assignments, force runners inside, and collapse the pocket.

Overall, this group can create pressure. There is, however, one glaring problem that faces Mizzou: The lack of depth. Alabama fans know all too well what a lack of depth on a defense can look like, and this will be a challenge for the Tide’s opponent. Look for this D-Line to come out aggressive and playing with fire early on, determined to make a statement. Alabama will look to utilize the RPO’s and an up-tempo offense early to keep this D-Line on the field. Once they are worn down, Bama will attack the defense with Najee Harris, Brian Robinson, Trey Sanders and the plethora of talented Backs.

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Cory Dees is an Alabama football and recruiting analyst for Team Tide Talk. Follow him on Twitter @CDees247. Always feel free to reach out with questions and comments. Roll Tide.

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