There seems to be three certainties in life: Death, Taxes and Kellen Mond as starting Quarterback for the Texas A&M Aggies. The senior entered the 2020 campaign on a rough note going 17/28 for 189 yards and only 1 touchdown versus the Vanderbilt Commodores. If there is one guarantee I could give you, it is that Vandy is not Alabama, and this Bama defense is coming with nasty intentions. Let’s take a look at how Alabama can contain Kellen Mond, and what Kellen Mond could do to potentially take advantage of any deficiencies in the Bama defense–News Flash: There aren’t many.

Kellen Mond’s best overall season was during his junior campaign. He had a completion percentage of 61.8% according to ESPN stats and info. While that number in itself is not impressive, he has increased his completion percentage each year that he has been the starter for Jimbo Fisher. Kellen Mond is a solid quarterback, but he is not a game-changer. One thing I noticed during the Bama-TAMU tilt in College Station last year, was that he utilized the quarterback run game several times, to the tune of 90 total rushing yards. Bama will need to continue to have Will Anderson and LaBryan Ray set the edge and DJ Dale bring interior pressure, thus allowing either Christian Harris or Dylan Moses to act as a “spy” on Mond.

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If Bama is able to successfully shut down the inside run, contain the edge, and only allow Mond minimal gains, I fully expect the Tide to grab a win by at least 17 points. However, if Mond is able to run wild and stress the defense, Bama could be in for a dog fight. My prediction for Kellen Mond is 29/46, 231 yards through the air, 56 yards on the ground, 2 TDs and 2 INTs. Bama wins 38-17. Roll Tide!

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