Hey fans, I’m back after a long break to give you an update on the future of TideTalkSports.com and what you can expect to see in the coming months. First of all, I want to apologize for my lack of written content. I got selfish because my views were nowhere near the views of some of our amazing team’s articles, but the difference I noticed is the layout and topic of theirs compared to mine. I will be the first to say I am no writer, but what I failed to do was do the amount of research into something before I wrote it. So I want to say to the Tide Talk Team and to our amazing fans I apologize for my lack of content posted over the past few months. Now, what can you expect to see from us in the future?


We’ve had this planned for a few months now. We are going to upgrade our website in the near future and set up a forum. May also add a blog or two. Who knows? What we do know though, is the website will be upgraded soon in the new year. Estimated time: Early 2021


Our very own Ricky Green has done an amazing job with our YouTube channel. Now that we own the URL, we will be pumping out more great content from Ricky, and eventually we all will be featured from time to time in the videos as well. In the New Year, I would love for the team to get together on a YouTube live and answer questions from our great fans. Plan on doing that this coming year!


Something that is often asked is “does Tide Talk have any merchandise?” Well have no fear, merchandise will be coming in the new year! We really don’t have a pin point on exactly when we will start bringing it forth, but it will probably be mid 2021.


What isn’t changing is the same great content that we deliver on a regular basis, weather it’s an article or in the form of a YouTube video. Also, we post daily on own Twitter accounts and over at our main Twitter account @TideTalkSports.


Personally, I will still be VPO of TTS, and I will be around more often, but I have created my own YouTube channel and my goal is to become a video game streamer in the New Year. My passion is video gaming, I have basically owned every system out there since I was a kid, and own 5 systems today. When I’m not streaming, I’ll be working behind the scenes here, and posting more articles little bit more regularly then I have been. If you want to know more about my YouTube channel feel free to DM me on Twitter. Thank you all for the love and support! Roll Tide!

Jake Thomas is the VPO and Co-Founder of TTS. You can find him on Twitter @jakethomastide.

Be sure to follow us on YouTube, our channel is Alabama Football News & Rumors. Follow each of our amazing team members on Twitter, and follow our main twitter @TideTalkSports. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas to all! Roll Tide!

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