The day is finally upon us, fellow Alabama fans. It’s the day the Tide plays the Irish, an event that occurs rarely, and has only occured 7 times to date. Believe it or not, Alabama does not hold the edge in the series, with Notre Dame holding a 5-2 advantage all-time. Here’s to bringing us one step closer to . 500 this year.

The Spread: Bama -19.5

I may be in the minority here, but all the while I’ve been saying this game will be much closer than the 2013 BCS Championship game. I believe the Irish are capable of covering and making it at least a little bit of a game. With that said, my pick here is Notre Dame +19.5

Score Prediction: 42-31 Alabama

As a Catholic, this game excites me on so many levels. I always love watching the Tide play Notre Dame. All seems right in the world when it happens. With that said, I don’t think Notre Dame has any chance to win.  I hope for it to be a good game, though, and I believe it will be, relatively. Roll Tide!

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